• Sideways Name Necklace - Small
  • Sideways Name Necklace - Small

Sideways Name Necklace - Small


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Asymmetrical necklaces with your favorite letter(s) soldered onto a delicate chain... Letters are available in 2 sizes.


Our names and initials are important. They are the ‘gifts’ we are given at birth that we carry effortlessly for the rest of our lives. Our names give us our identity. They make us who we are. FIDELLE’s first foray into fine jewelry, Broken Alphabet is a collection of solid gold alphabet necklaces and earrings that celebrate our unique identities.
With letters bearing irregular textures, they are designed to be your forever piece and intended as gifts to someone you love. They also make a sweet way to wear the initials of those you love and care the most. 
Remember, other people may have the same name and exactly the same initials as you but no one wears your name like you!

  • Composition: 14K solid gold
  • Pendant: 0.5 cm Chain: 43 cm
  • Weight: Varies between 1.69 g - 1.41 g depending on the letters chosen